Laser Center Testimonials


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fungus-toes-5"My experience with Dr. Uro's office was amazing. Everyone treated me with respect and kindness. The medical procedure went quickly and smoothly. I have told all of my friends about it."
Tammy W.

"I tried the stuff you paint on every day. It was expensive and didn't work. I risked taking two rounds of potentially toxic prescription pills, but the fungus didn't go away. I was ready to give up but decided to try this laser. Dr. Uro cured my toenail fungus with just one treatment! I am so happy with my feet now. Thank you! "
Barbara C.

"I am extremely inspired with the results of the laser treatment given by Doctor Uro. His courteous and professional manner, as well as that of his staff, have made this a very positive and healthy experience. I recommend the laser treatment without reservation." Ellen H.

fungus-toes-6"When I came into the office yesterday and saw the photos from the first visit, I had forgotten how bad the nails were. Only a nub left on my big toe. The involved nails were sloughing off. After the first treatment, the healthy nails started to grow back by the time of the second treatment. Since my final treatment, the big toe almost looks totally normal with an attached nail and the others should be totally normal the next time I clip my nails. With the laser treatments and using the shoe sterilizer and Formula 3, I hope to keep my feet and nails fungus free from now on.Thank you Dr. Uro and the great team!" Clark M.

"I really disliked the way my toenails looked due to a fungal infection, but didn't want to treat my whole body with medication just to fix my toenails. Dr. Uro's laser treatment was the answer. I am very happy with the results. My follow-up treatments have gone very well and as soon as my toenails can grow a little more, I will feel very comfortable showing my feet in public. Thank you, Dr. Uro."  Susan

"My toes were unsightly before I made an appointment with Dr Uro. I was embarrassed to wear sandals. I know polish covers your fungus toes but I like the French pedicure look. It has been nine months since my first visit and my toes look beautiful for summer. French pedicure and sandal shopping has been great. Thank-you Dr Uro. "  Judy M.

More Before and Afters
Please note: these are not final results. These show results 3 - 6 months
post treatment, new growth not is complete.