Podiatric Treatment Services




Here at Dr. Uro's Office we specialize in foot care, relieving foot pain and are committed to helping you have the healthiest feet possible.



Laser Therapy

We are proud to announce the use of a new, cutting-edge Laser Therapy for heel pain and other foot injuries. The new Laser Therapy works simply and the average treatment time lasts eight minutes. The healing begins quickly and there are no known negative side-effects, and the therapy is cleared by the FDA. Laser Therapy treats tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue injuries, muscle strains and tears, sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions, neurological pain, chronic non-healing wounds, general podiatric discomfort, and more.

Surgical Options

We are proud to offer a variety of treatment options to better suit your individual need. We offer surgical options for bunion correction, fracture repair, joint replacement, hammertoe repair, neuroma removal and much more.

Office Procedures

Our office procedures help to treat or cure ingrown toenails, warts, diabetic ulcers and even laceration repair.


Surgery Alternatives

At Dr. Uro's office we understand that surgery may not always suit your needs. We offer alternatives that help to treat plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, neuromas, calluses, corns, fractures and sprains.