Office Procedures And Surgeries




Ingrown Nails - A common disorder that occurs when the edge of the toenail grows into the skin of the toe particularly on the big foot-2(great) toe. The corner of the nail curves down into the skin, often due to improper trimming of the nail, or due to shoes that are too tight. This is a very simple procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia. Only a very narrow portion of nail is removed and the root is cauterized with an acid to prevent re-growth.

Wart Removal - A wart is a painful skin growth caused by a viral infection. It can be removed very simply under local anesthesia. The wart is scooped out and cauterized to prevent recurrence.

Diabetic Ulcer Care - An ulcer is an open sore of the skin, often caused, but not exclusively, by an initial abrasion and generally maintained by an inflammation, an infection, and/or medical conditions which impede healing. Usually weekly wound care visits to scrape the dead tissue away to allow for growth of new healthy tissue.

Laceration Repair - A cut, tear, or ragged opening in the skin caused by an injury or trauma. Sometimes deep cuts can be sutured (sewn) in the office under local anesthesia.