Diagnostic Procedures




feet-in-grassX-Rays - A diagnostic test that uses invisible electromagnetic energy beams to produce images of tissues, bones and organs onto film. Used for diagnosing bone conditions or ruling out a bone condition.  

Ultrasound - A technique for imaging internal structures of the body by measuring and recording the reflection of pulsed or continuous high-frequency sound waves. This allows us to see soft tissue such as tendons, nerves, plantar fascia and ligaments.

Vascular Screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.), or poor circulation - Signs of poor circulation or P.A.D. are; cramping, pain of the legs when at rest, night pain or pain when walking that is relieved by rest but returns when attempting to walk the same distance. This test measures the blood pressures of the great toe, ankle, thigh and arm. It can detect blockages or hardening of the arteries. If disease is present, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist for treatment.