feet-in-sand"Dr. Uro performed the surgery, and there was a problem with the electrical unit for pain that my husband received. We didn't know it until we got home. I called the office after-hours, and Dr. Uro called us back within 20 minutes to tell us what to do."
Michelle L.

"Dr. Uro will actually take the time to explain to you what is going on. He has a calm demeanor and professional attitude. On one visit, I apologized because it seemed like we were bothering him too much, and he told us that it is his job to make sure his patients are comfortable and to NEVER feel bad about calling him. He said this with sincerity. I've never had this kind of service from a doctor."
Chris G.

"I came to Dr. Uro's office because my left foot was so painful from plantia fastiitis. Every step was like walking on a nail. I got the laser treatment twice. Even after the first treatment my foot received an almost instant relief and healing I'm more than ok after my second treatment. I wish I have done this earlier instead of toughing it out. Thank you."
C. Chan
"My experience with Dr. Uro's office was amazing. Everyone treated me with respect and kindness. The medical procedure went quickly and smoothly. I have told all of my friends about it."
Tammy W.